100 Years of Peter Pan.

10 Oct

I’ve just finished reading Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and was surprised to find out that it was first published in 1911. I was well aware that it was a ‘classic’ but i wasn’t aware that it would be 100 years old next year (2011). It is an amazing story that has been made into films, magazines, childrens books and merchandise.

This was the cover of the book when it was published, however most young children would recognise Peter Pan in the Disney form

I am also aware of the 1991 film, Hook, which is the story of Peter returning to Neverland after he had grown up.  The character of Tinkerbell has also been adapted into its own brand, childrens dvd’s have recently been realesed showing her as a stand alone character.

hopefully next year their will be lots of fuss over the story of Peter Pan, as it is fully deserving.


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