Crazy In Love Chrissie Manby

16 Oct

Synopsis – Golf resort heiress Birdie Sederburg’s life revolves around how visible she is on the latest celebrity watch blog. Until she (quite literally, in her Mercedes) bumps into hot new actor Dean Stevenson – after weeks of stalking. Dean’s agent manages to persuade him that being seen with Birdie is a good thing for his profile, and it’s just a short distance from that to engagement. At least in Birdie’s head. The course of true love, however, does not run smooth, and Birdie is forced to have herself kidnapped in order to convince Dean he really does love her. A recipe for disaster…

This is a Chick-lit book, very easy to read and a very easy plot to follow. It folows the character of Birdie who very much reminded me of a Paris Hilton type charater, who would go to any length to get the famous man of her dreams.

Birdie comes across at the start as  very materialistic, who only cares about money, social status and gossip columns. At the begining of the the book i couldn’t warm to her and wanted to slap her, but at the end i really ended up loving her.  She decides that her and Dean should be it ‘it’ celebrity couple, seen together at all the events together. Dean is the heartthrob of a soap opera, and in order to enhance his career, with the advice of his agent decides that he will use Birdie to do so. However, things turn sour and and Birdie decides that the only way to win him back is to get herself kidnapped.

I found the book funny at points, with some relivant mentionings, for example regular TV programmes and famous people. it was not a taxing read, very easy to get into and to stay into.

i would recommend this book to anyone who needed a light hearted read without having to concentrate to much. I have also added Getting Over Mr Right by the same author to my wishlist.


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