Danielle Steel – Answered Prayers

26 Oct

synopsis – Faith Madison is the very picture of a sophisticated New Yorker. Slim, blonde, stylish, married to a successful merchant banker and having raised two daughters, Faith has a life many would envy. But Faith has overcome a childhood marred by tragedy, and has carried within herself a secret she could divulge to no-one. The sudden death of her stepfather sets off a journey of change and revelation. At the funeral, painful memories flood back – and an old friend re-enters Faith’s life. Brad, a long lanky boy from her childhood days who had teased, tormented and protected her. Now a busy lawyer in California, Brad re-enters Faith’s life just as she makes a decision that plunges her marriage into crisis. As these two childhood friends rediscover each other, Faith is finally ready to face the most painful step of all: of sharing a secret that has long been haunting her, and opening up her heart for the first time in her life.

my thoughts – this was the second Danielle Steel Book that i have read. I didnt enjoy this one as much as the last, but it was still fairly enjoyable. i thought for a thicker book, it had very little plot to it. It was an easy read, and once i got into it it was ok, but i just thought it was quite slow paced. The storyline was quite good, however i did find it slightly predictable. I enjoyed the book however it would not be one that i would read again. I would read more books by Danielle Steel if i came across them, not ones that i would specifically go out and buy.


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