Out of the Picture – Polly Samson

1 Nov

Synopsis – Quite unlike her fair stepsisters, Lizzie is dark and secretive: ‘Just like your father’ says her mother. But what was her father like? Photos of him are hidden away; snatches of overheard conversation between her mother and her stepfather deepen the mystery. Only her best friend Savannah – also abandoned by her father when she was a baby – knows what it feels like to wonder, to try and piece together an earlier story. But when events propel Lizzie alone to London she stops wondering and starts searching…Beautifully evoking the ache of childhood loss, the scrappy joys of chaotic families, and the hurt and relief of understanding, OUT OF THE PICTURE reveals Polly Samson’s talent for laying bare the uncomfortable truths that lie just under the skin – in every family, in every secret.

my thoughts – I was looking forward to this book and i have to say i was disappointed. The plot kept jumping about from past to present and then back again. A lot of the book was written in the present tense and i personally find it very difficult to get into a book that is written in this tense. The story in itself was quite good, with a daughter who feels like she didnt belong in her family trying to find her biological father, and all the twists and turns that this entailed, it just wasnt my cup of tea.


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