Nadia Knows Best – Jill Mansell

4 Nov

Synopsis – Twenty-something Nadia is very happily involved with her long-term boyfriend Laurie when she’s rescued from her broken-down car in a snowdrift by Jay and ends up spending the night with him – entirely platonically, not that she isn’t tempted – while awaiting the thaw. By the time she meets Jay again, Nadia’s been dumped by Laurie thanks to his hectic jetsetting career as a model, and soon, despite all sorts of obstacles, sparks are flying between them. Until Laurie, familiar, beloved, regretful, comes home wanting to make up, and Nadia finds herself torn in half…Meanwhile Nadia’s sister Clare is going out with the kind of man who never rings, her father has fallen in love for the first time since his divorce, and Nadia’s mother, who abandoned the family because babies are so boring, is about to put the cat truly among the pigeons…

My thoughts – I loved this book! it took me two or three chapters to get into it, but once i had i couldnt put it down! i loved the humour in it, the different characters and how they all had different problems and how they were worked through. this was definitaly a chick lit book and i would love to read more by the author. I really disliked Laurie, and really loved Jay. A fantastic fantastic book that i would highly recommend.


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