The X Factor – The Final Ten

7 Nov

I’ve really really really got into The X Factor this year and love most of the contestants this year. i think its an open field this year, with nobody the clear favourite.

Cher Lloyd – i love her!!!! i think she is amazing, with being able to sing and being able to rap! i would buy every single one of her performances and albums, i just love her!

Aiden Grimshaw – to start with i didnt like him at all, but after last nights performance im starting to warm to him a bit more.  i thought he was fantastic last night!

Rebecca Ferguson – she has a very unique voice and i love how her confidence is growing week by week. she isn’t my cup of tea but i can understand why so many people love her.

Wagner – urrrrgggghhhhh! he is only still in because of a massive facebook following. i think its bad that telented acts are leaving the show and are in the bottom two and he is sailing through on the public vote!

Treyc Cohen – firstly whats wrong with spelling it ‘tracy’ or ‘tracey’? I have to say im not a fan at all, i thought at the begining she was too confident and two sure of herself.

One Direction – eeeekkk! im turning back into a teenager again! i love love love them. they are so cute, they can sing, i love their look their attitude, my favourites to win. And they are simons only act left in the compition too.

Katie Waissel – she is definitaly quirky as the judges like to call her. im not too sure if she has got the ‘x factor’ i think sometimes in her performances she wants it too much.

Mary Byrne – i love her because of her confidence, that she tries so hard but this week i didnt think she was that good. the song she sang is from my favourite movie ever, and unfortunatly i dont think she captured the emotion behind it.

Matt Cardle – He was amazing last night! the week he sang ‘Just the Way You Are’ i loved him. he sings the most beautiful songs in the most beautiful way and im hoping they bring an album out of his doing covers, as all the songs he has sang i have loved!

Paije Richardson – i have to say im very indifferent about him, im not too fussed if he goes or stays, but louies comment comparing him to lenny henry was a bit dodgy!

well im hoping Wagner goes tonight, but i think it might be Mary.


2 Responses to “The X Factor – The Final Ten”

  1. Rico November 24, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    Wow, i’ve just read Matt’s history page at and it even brought me close to tears! It’s how i felt aswell.

  2. network camera December 2, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

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