Serve Cool – Lauren McCrossan

9 Nov

Synopsis – Jen Summer is all set to qualify as a lawyer, her snazzy hot shot boyfriend, Jack, in tow. But then she blows it by mucking up a deal and her man ditches her. What does she do? She turns to her friend, Maz, barmaid in the Scrap Inn, chat show presenter manque. Maz and Jen carry on life behind the bar, and Jen discovers the regulars are as good and loyal a family as a girl can get. So when the girls hear, inadvertently, that the pub has been put into the hand of developers, they are horrified but take comfort in the free tickets they’ve been given to a newly launched daytime TV show. Only when they hit the studio do they realise they’ve been set up: Jen is destined to hit the screen as ‘ problem girl’, alongside the magenta hued ‘marriage buster’ and the teenage ‘child of the devil’. Maz and Jen hit the roof and storm out – all captured on camera, all witnessed by the hunky work experience guy Jen has been making eyes at. And back at the Scrap Inn, it turns out that smarmy Jack is the guy behind the development deal. That’s it: there’s nothing like the wrath of a Geordie lass when crossed – nor the humour – nor her canny knack for sweet revenge…
From the Author

my thoughts – Well, i have to say although i wanted to enjoy this book, i just could get into it. it was a good story, but having read a few ‘chick lit’ books lately, the plot was a bit samey. i liked the fact it was set in newcastle and i could identify with that as i live in a simular area. i think i would have enjoyed it more if i hadnt read so much chick lit in the last few weeks.


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