X Factor the final 9

16 Nov

I am posting this a bit late but i thought i would post my thoughts on the shocker that was the x factor this weekend.

Cher Lloyd – i thought her performance was beautiful at the weekend. she looked stunning, i loved the song choice. some people are saying that she is becoming samey but i still think she is one of my favourites.

Aiden Grimshaw – i loved his performance this week! i was really begining to get him and to like him. it was such a shame that he got voted off, maybe the public thought he was safe and didnt bother to vote.

Rebecca Ferguson – i only saw her perfomance on the highlights show as i had turned the tv over to watch the festival of remembrance. i thought she sang that song fantastically.

Wagner – totally ruined a song that has huge emotional reasons for me. i cannot stand him and think its really unfair that brilliant singers and performers are being voted off to keep him on. IT IS A SINGING CONTEST!!!!!!!

One Direction – i am in love with them! they are the perfect boyband. there performace was amazing again this week.

Katie – am fed up with her now, she should leave. she is being saved by the judges every week when its clarly not what the public want. and as for her american recording contract . . .

Mary – another song with huge emotional value for me. i thought she sang it so amazingly, but im not sure if she will be in the competition for much longer.

Matt Cardle – I love him! he has really grown on me and every song he sings is magical.

Paije – i have to say im still indifferent about him, im not really bothered either way if he stays or goes.


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