Working Wonders – Jenny Colgan

21 Nov

Synopsis – Laughs, love, office life. And a little touch of magic ! From the bestselling author of LOOKING FOR ANDREW MCCARTHY and AMANDA’S WEDDING. Laughs, love, office life. And a little touch of magic! Gwyneth Morgan loves her job. And she’s good at it — she’s never faced a challenge she can’t handle — until she meets Arthur Pendleton and his motley crew. Gwyneth sets Arthur a challenge that makes his heart sink. His team can’t even find their own desks, let alone win a prestigious competition. Pitted against his ex-girlfriend, as well as his love rival and deadly enemy, Arthur is forced to break the law and overcome massive obstacles as he embarks on his quest to achieve the impossible — and maybe, just maybe, win the heart of the enchanting Gwyneth. As Gwyneth learns some surprising revelations about the man she’d once considered just an inept colleague, she’s forced to reconsider. Is it possible that Arthur is her knight in shining armour?

My thoughts – this was a fantastic fantastic book! to start with, it was written from the male point of veiw, which in my reading is quite unusual for chick lit. it also has the story of king arthur worked in between the pages. it was very funny at times, the ending made me cry and i am so happy that the project came together at the end. It was very easy to pick up and get into, i loved the caracters, the plot was fabulous and i would highly recommend this book to anybody. it was fantastic!


One Response to “Working Wonders – Jenny Colgan”

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