A Minor Indiscretion – Carole Matthews

1 Dec

Synopsis – Happily married with three children, Ali Kingston can’t believe that a quick cappuccino in a Covent Garden café will turn her life upside down. But then it isn’t every day that a gorgeous street artist, fifteen years her junior, falls at her feet. When Ali’s husband, Ed, finds out that she’s spent time with another man, he’s sure there’s more to it than meets the eye.  And what started as a minor indiscretion soon turns into something major…

My thoughts – This is the first Carole Matthews book that i have read, having got a couple more on my book shelf. I really really enjoyed it. It is a chick lit story about Ali and Ed Kingston who seem to have a sort of mid life crisis who end up with different people and the impact on different people in their lives, the kids, the in laws etc. The relationship between the brother in law and the sister in law is also fantastic dynamic to the story. it is well written, with humor at certain places and also some serious points too. The ending is really thought provking, Ali is diagnosed with cancer
i loved this book and would highly recommended and i am deffinitly going to read more of her books.


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