The X Factor – Semi Final Night

6 Dec

I know this is a couple of days late but ive not been well and this is the first time that ive been able to look at my laptop screen.

Matt Cardle – Bless him, he looked so poorly on saturday night, i know that he has been all week but he just looked ill. his first song was lovely and i really liked his second, although the judges didnt

Rebecca – her first song was brilliant, almost like it was written for her. she looked like she was having loads of fun with it. her second song, amazing grace, made me cry! it was so beautiful and she is so humble and doesnt know how fabulous she is!

Mary – again she was good, sometimes when she sings she can be a little bit samey, but this week she was good again. she didnt deserve to go home, but then again somebody had to go, it just happened to be her.

Cher – hmmmmm, i was a huge huge huge fan but now i seem to have gone off her a little because of her attitude sometimes. however, i did think that she performed really well on her second song. (could her first really be counted as a club hit?)

one direction – i still really really really love them! there first song was fantastic and their second gave me chills! chasing cars is fantastic and i really really loved it so much that ive been listening to it all weekend!

i cant wait for the final now!


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