Something to Talk About – Sarah Webb

7 Dec

Synopsis – A delightfully wicked romantic comedy – if you’re a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ fan – you’ll love this book! Can men and women ever really be friends? Lucy and Max have been best friends forever. Lucy, a bored beautician with a sad Jamie Oliver obsession, is determined to find kite-maker, Max a girlfriend. Someone who will meet up to her own high standards. In the name of ‘True Love’ and with the help of Jamle’s ‘The Naked Chef’, Lucy decides to hold a ‘Meet Max’ dinner to find Max the right woman, in the form of her beautiful friend, Jenny. Food, wine and romance go hand in hand after all. But soon easy-going Max is running scared of man-eater, Jenny. He decides he’d much prefer to be out flying his power kites than falling into the dating pit again. But fate works in mysterious ways.

my thoughts – i got into this book really quickly, then the middle was good, and then end part of the book was kind of slow. i did think that the message of the book was predictable, but i suppose it is to me expected with fluffy chick lit. It was an enjoyable read as i was going through it, however it would not be one to leave on the coffee table as some parts were quite sexy. I did want to slap the main character Lucy a little bit, just for being so stubbon!


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