X Factor – the Final 2010

11 Dec

Well its the final night, well the saturday show anyway.

Matt – He seemed to be feeling the pressure during his first song and at the begining of his duet with Rihanna. However, once she had started singing i thought that it was brilliant, the two of them together was genius, especially when they were singing together.

Rebecca – her first song was good as always, but i feel that she also felt the pressure during her second song. I mean who  wouldn’t singing with christina? however, i just think she is really quite fantastic.

One Direction – Many that know me will know my obsession with one direction, however tonight it would have been better if they had sang a more upbeat song. And dont get me started on Robbie Williams, i really really really cant stand him! I still want them to win though!

Cher – her first performance was a bit samey, but her second is by far my favourite ever x factor performance. putting her and will.i.am together was pure genius and she could be a superstar in a group like that!

It was a shame that cher had to go, but i thought she was so dignified when she was voted out and she could really use the programme to project her into a record deal.

I’m not sure who will win now, id really be quite happy with any of them really because they all have different reasons for deserving the title of x factor champion.


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