Four Play – Jane Moore

12 Dec

Synopsis – Four men: Conor, Sean, Martin, Jeff. Four choices: friendship, sex, money, a husband. Jo is trying to run a business, a home and a family when her husband falls in love with someone else. So much so, that he wants to leave his family for his very young, very pretty secretary. But Jo isn’t a bad catch herself. Suddenly single again – with the added complication of children in tow – she has four very different men buzzing around her. But does she really need anyone? She could ways just indulge in a little fourplay.

My thoughts – This book has truly brought back my reading mojo again! its been wavering a bit, but i have got so hooked in this book! It started off a little bit slowly, and i thought it was going to be the same as lots of other chick lit novels but i was wrong! To start with, it spans a couple of years, not just a couple of months like some other books. also the main character was very belivable, and also the guys in the books were very well written.
i was so happy that Jo ended up with the guy that she did, i was rooting for him from the very begining!


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