X Factor – The Final 2010 Part 2

13 Dec

Well. time for my thoughts on the Sunday show. Firstly, Take That must have had loads rolling in in royalties, having appeared also on the Strictly show.

One Direction – gutted doesnt even spring to mind about the boys! you could see it in there faces, bless them! i still think that they will be signed up, and maybe do better, like JLS, but i was just so upset for them! In my opinion, it was ruined by the fact they a) did to many ballads, all three songs were ballads in fact, and b) the fact the Robbie  ruined it for them.

Rebecca – She was just so happy to come second in the competition. She is still not my cup of tea but i can understand as to why she is so popular. i think she will get a recording contract too, after the tour.

Matt – Well who would have thought at the begining of the show that he would win! in the last few weeks,  it has been quite obvious that he would but not in the begining.  I do think that he is a deserving winner having worked really hard for this most of his life. I just hope he is not another one hit wonder. i loved his winners song though.

so thats it for my weekly round up of the x factor for this year, now what am i going to write about? Roll on January and Dancing on Ice!


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