Out of the Shadows – Susan Lewis

21 Dec

Synopsis – Since Susannah Cates’s husband was sent to prison three years ago, life has been a constant struggle to provide for herself and their teenage daughter. Nothing ever seems to go right and the most she hopes for now is that nothing more will go wrong. Worried by her mother’s unhappiness, thirteen-year-old Neve decides to take matters into her own hands. And when Susannah’s closest friend Patsy discovers what Neve is up to, she immediately lends her support. As their plans start to unfold they have no way of knowing what kind of fates they are stirring, all they can see is Susannah’s excitement, because at last a way seems to be opening up for her to escape her bad luck.However, the spectre of horror is all the time pacing behind the scenes and never, in all Susannah’s worst nightmares, could she have imagined her happiness causing so much pain to someone she loves…

My thoughts – It took a little while for me to get into this book, and i have to say it wasnt the most enjoyable book that i have read. To start with, the tales of mirsery in susannahs life was very predictable. I didnt enjoy the scenes between Frank and Pats, they didnt add anything to the story and could have been cut out, making the book a good 100 pages shorter. On that note, the book would have been better as 300-350 pages, instead of 500. i thought that it was dragged out far too much. Also the ending was far too happily ever after. It was also a difficult read with Alans abuse of 14 year old Neve. I couldnt read these parts.

I know of a lot of people that have enjoyed this book but it wasnt for me.


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