31 Dream Street – Lisa Jewell

11 Jan

Synopsis – In a rambling house, failed poet Toby Dobbs has created a refuge for people who need one. But when a quiet tragedy and an unwelcome letter interrupt Toby’s sedate existence, he needs his housemates to find some direction in their lives. Leah Pilgrim has watched the tenants of the house over the road for several years, and when the owner of 31 Silversmith Road asks her for advice, he opens the door not only to the eccentric building across the street – but to five lives in various stages of turmoil. Can Toby and Leah help these misfits to grow up, move on and move out? And in doing so, can they make their own dreams come true?

My Thoughts – To start with i found this book very confusing due to the fact about ten characters were introduced within about two pages. Because of this i thought that one character was the ex wife until halfway through the book! The story itself was quite nice, but i really thought the ending was rubbish! At the moment i cannot stand ‘and they all lived happilly ever after’ It would have been ok if it was just one couple, but it was several. Having said that some parts of the story was captivating, but i just thought it was all a bit too nice! It is a nice book if you dont want anything to challenging or just want to relax, but not something i would read again.

Rating – 2.5/5


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