Four Play – Fiona Walker

26 Jan

Synopsis – Despite her broken heart, when Dilly Gently joins Magnus Olensen’s new band, the chemistry between them is explosive. Both impossibly romantic dizzy blondes with the souls of poets, they could be made for each other. But before they have chance to declare themselves, Dilly’s friend Nell confides that she has a huge crush on Magnus, and Dilly nobly steps down in order to play reluctant matchmaker. Nell returns the favour by setting her friend up with her dashing twin brother Flipper. But Flipper the bounder is not a good rebound for a true romantic. He hides a secret that could break Dilly’s heart all over again …

My thoughts – I found out this book was part of a series halway through the book which could explain why i found it so confusing, although apperently you can read the books in any order. I was put off to start with by the sheer amount of caracters introducted within the first few pages. \this put me off so much that i only kept reading under the promise of a secret being revealed. I’m glad i stuck with it in the end as i ended up quite enjoying it. It wasnt anything to spectacular but it was a nice read. I’m hoping my reading mojo comes back soon though 😦

Rating – 2.5/5


2 Responses to “Four Play – Fiona Walker”


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