Gregory Maguire Books

27 Mar

Hamlet Chronicles
1. Seven Spiders Spinning (1994)
2. Six Haunted Hairdos (1997)
3. Five Alien Elves (1998)
4. Four Stupid Cupids (2000)
5. Three Rotten Eggs (2002)
6. A Couple of April Fools (2004)
7. One Final Firecracker (2005)

Wicked Years
1. Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995) currently reading
2. Son of a Witch (2005)
3. A Lion Among Men (2008)
4. Out of Oz (2011)
Wicked / Son of a Witch (omnibus) (2009)


The Lightning Time (1978)
The Daughter of the Moon (1980)
Lights on the Lake (1981)
The Dream Stealer (1983)
I Feel Like the Morning Star (1989)
Missing Sisters (1994)
The Good Liar (1995)
Oasis (1996)
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (1999)
Crabby Cratchitt (2000)
Lost (2001)
Mirror Mirror (2003)
Click (2007) (with David Almond, Eoin Colfer, Roddy Doyle, Deborah Ellis, Nick Hornby, Margo Lanagan, Ruth Ozeki, Linda Sue Park and Tim Wynne-Jones)
What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy (2007)
Matchless: A Christmas Story (2009)
The Next Queen of Heaven (2010)

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