Envy – Coleen Nolan

26 Apr

Synopsis – Television favourite Karen King loves three things: her job as presenter on a late night talk show, her gorgeous husband Jason, and her Spanx® pants, guaranteed to give the plumpest woman a waistline. She’s happy, but fate is about to turn her ordered world upside down. Surprise number one is finding Jason in bed with a young blonde. Karen’s barely over the shock when she’s hotly tipped to take over primetime’s highest-rating chat show. She wants the job – but so do some of the biggest divas in showbiz, not least the icy Julia Hill who will do absolutely anything to sabotage Karen. As the biggest catfight in town kicks off can Karen sort out her life and win television’s greatest prize? With its glamorous characters and captivating heroine, Envy is a sexy, funny, unforgettable read.

My Thoughts – for people that arent really familar with Coleen Nolan, she is a member of The Nolans and does a lot of TV presenting here in the UK, mainly known for Loose Women. This is her first book and I brought it because I’m quite a fan of hers. I didnt expect it to ne up to much, but I was wrong! it was a fantastic read. it centres on a chat show with all women speakers (very simular to loose women)and all their lives and people within it. I did find the ammount of characters confusing at the start, and did have to keep refreshing things in my mind as to who they were, but other than that I got really hooked on the book. I also thought that the character of karen could have been based a little on Coleen herself.

A brilliant summer read, perfect for laying on the beach reading. The sequal has just been released and I am definatly going to give that one a read!

Rating – 4/5

One Response to “Envy – Coleen Nolan”

  1. Shirley April 27, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

    This sounds so good! I will have to look it up!

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