The Group – Mary McCarthy

21 May

Challenges – Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge
501 Must Read Books

Synopsis – Eight young women from the class of 1933 have graduated from Vassar and are beginning to learn about life. They choose or are offered marriage, a career or an emancipated life, one of sexual or social freedom. In their discoveries and development they mirror the growing up of provincial America.

My Thoughts –   This book seemed to be a book of two halves for me! I really enjoyed half and really disliked the other half! I loved the parts when ‘the group’ interacted with each other and found some parts funny and entertaining. however, i couldnt really relate to any of the characters and i didnt really understand why all the politics was relivant to the actual story. I am glad that i have read this book, and think its a great discussion book!

Rating – 3/5


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