Ultimate Teen Book Guide – The Series’

19 Jun

So, the UTBG Challenge has several series listed in it. I am going to attempt to read them all, however some of the series are quite long.

They are as follows

87th Precindent Series – Ed McBain (54 books) I have never heard of this series, but i am quite interested as there are so many books!
Alex Rider Series – Anthony Horowitz (9 Books) This series is something that I’ve wanted to read for a while, so im hoping the challenge will help me to do so!
Alice Series – Susan Joby (23 books + 3 prequels) This is apperently very simular to the Adrian Mole series, which is something i would like to read too!
The Black Magican Trilogy – Trudi Canavan (3 Books) I’ve not heard of this one, but it does sound quite good!
The Bromland Trilogy – Terry Pratchett (3 Books) I’ve not read anything by Terry Pratchett, but now is a good time to start!
The Dark is Rising Series – Susan Cooper (5 Books) This is a genre that i dont usually read, but I’m excited to start reading!
The Dragonriders of Pern Series – Annie McCaffrey (19 books) I like books with dragons so 19 books will be interesting!
The Farseer Trilogy – Robin Hobb (3 books) Not too sure about this one, but i will probably end up loving it!
The Foundation Trilogy – Issac -Asimov (3 books) I have just read this is not just a trilogy, there are also more books too it!
The Gormenghast Trilogy – Mervyn Peake (3 books) This sounds brilliant! I love books that seem so out of the world!
The Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling (7 Books) This is my favourite series of all time, i love this series!
His Dark Materials Trilogy – Phillip Pullman (3 Books) I read the first book when i was younger but i didnt think much too it, but i shall give it another go!
Inspector Morse Books – Colin Dexter (13 books) I didnt realise the tv show was based on books, so i shall definitaly give this a go!
The James Bond Books – Ian Fleming (14 books) These are books that i have always wanted to read!
The Jeeves Stories – P.G. Wodehouse (18 books) These sound good, like a blast from the past!
The Just William Series – Richmal Crompton (40 books) I love books about this sort of thing, so another one that is right up my street!
Lord of the Rings Trilogy – JRR Tolkien (3 books) These i have wanted to read for an awful long time!
The Lord Peter Wimsey Books – Dorothy Sayers(16 books) it would be nice to read a lovely dectective series!
The Maigret Books – Georges Simenon (75 books!) these soung interseting, mainly because there are so many books!
Mates, Dates . . . Series – Cathy Hopkin (14 books) i have read the first one of these, but i cant wait to read more!
Megan Trilogy – Mary Hooper (3 books) This sounds good with the issues that it tackles!
The Sally Lockhart Books – Phillip Pullman (4 books) I have heard of these books but ive never got round to reading them!
The Sandman Series – Neil Gaiman (10 books) I think gaiman is a fantastic author, so id be happy to read more!
A Series of Unfortnate Events – Lemony Snicket (13 books) Progress Here I have a few of these books at the moment, but im trying to get the first one so i can start reading the series!
The Sherlock Holmes Stories – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (60 books) I would love to read these, they sound so good!
Spy High Series – A.J. Butcher (12 books) I love books about schools, so to me this would be perfect!
The Wind on Fire Trilogy – William Nicholson (3 books)These sound good too!


There are so many series books alone! i may have to start a mini challenge soon!

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