The S Word.

20 Aug

Yes, the ‘S’ word. I cannot resist the ‘S’ word. For those that arent to sure what im rambling on about im on about the word ‘Series’, or in book terms, a series of books.

I actually cannot resist a series. If i see a post or blog about series it almost always goes on my wishlist, even if I’m not that interested in the series to start with. I have been good this year, i havent really been buying the whole series of the books, just the first, and then i can continue with the rest of the series if i like it!

I think I’m addicted to series books due to The Harry Potter Series.

These are my favourite books EVER. And i can safely say that, these books fuelled my love of reading and the anticipation for when these books came out was huge! I have probably read this series twenty or thirty times, in my teens i even read them back to back three times over! So i think this is where my obessession of a new series comes from.

This year i have read some series books –

1 – Wicked Gregory Maguire – this is the first about an alternative side of The Wizard of Oz, probably most well known for the musical based on this book.

2 – The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown – this is the third in the series of books about Professor Robert Langdon.

3 – The Carrie Diaries – Candice Bushell – this is a book about the early life of Carrie from Sex and the City.

4 – Five on Finniston Farm – Enid Blyton – this is one of many books about the Famous Five, these were my favourite when i was around 8 years old.

5 – I read the whole of the Lord of the Rings series, absolutly brilliant for those who havent already read it!

6 – Black Swan Rising – Lee Carroll – this is a fantasy book about Garet, and I’m so excited their is a second book!

I’ve also got a fair few on my TBR pile and loads on my wishlist too!



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