Up all Night – Carmen Reid

29 Aug

Synopsis – There aren’t enough hours in the day for overworked newspaper reporter Jo Randall. What’s she going to investigate this week? Are vaccinations safe? Does cling film kill? She’s getting close to cracking the biggest scoop of her career…if she could just land an interview with the intriguing environmentalist who won’t talk to her. But how will Jo meet her deadlines when her distractions include two needy daughters and a Barbie birthday party; her pompous ex-husband and his pneumatic girlfriend; her best friend Bella Browning; and the romantic intentions of a scruffy super-chef? There’s no doubt about it, Jo’s going to be…Up all Night.

My Thoughts – This book is good. Yes, its another chick lit, but this one is good. The plot line is realistic and not too long. Sometimes i find chick lit books can be a bit drawn out but this was more to the point. This book also had a serious message behind it, about vacinations and the importance of getting your children vaccinated. Also this book was set around the timeline of one week, which makes it very fast paced which in my opinion is quite a good thing. The main character Jo, works at a Sunday newspaper, much like the news of the world once was, so i think this made it a bit more current. It also had a newspaper headline at the begining of the chapter that related to the plot, this was a good part of the book. I enjoyed this book and the author has written a young adult series too that I’m definitaly going to be adding to my wishlist!

Rating – 4/5


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