Read 4, Buy 1.

15 Nov

I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past few days of my reading habits. I actually have run out of space in my room for books. As i still live at home and cannot afford my own place yet, i am restricted to one room.

I have 1 shelf of favourite books, five shelves of To Be Read (TBR) books, two piles of TBR books, and three boxes under my bed of TBR books.

The total of all these books is 235 books. That is going to take me years to get through alone, let alone the 200 odd that i have on my wishlist. I needed to do something about it all.

The main problem is i cannot stop buying books. I started to buy just the one per week, but i was still reading not enough to get the pile down. So my plan now is to read 4 books to allow myself to buy another. Hopefully this will also encorage me to read more.

Since starting this i am on book 3 out of 4, so onece i have read another i can buy one. I am hoping that this will make me think more about the books i am reading too.

I’m also starting to think more seriously about what i add to my wishlist too.


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