2012 Reading challenges – A Start

22 Nov

Well its time to start thinking about my reading goals for 2012. This is the time of year that all the reading challenges start appearing and the next year i want to start taking part in some short term reading challenges. I already have several long term reading challenges that I’m taking part in, and id like to take part in a few others, preferably shorter ones.

The ones I’m continuing are as follows.

Read Four, Buy One.

This is my personal challenge to help get my massive TBR mountain down a lot over the next year. I have a huge addiction to buying books (like most bookworms!) and i need to stop because i have actually run out of space in my room. So the challenge is, for every four books i read, i can buy one. hopefully i will stick to it!

Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

This is the challenge to read every book mentioned on the tv show, Gilmore Girls. This was my first reading challenge that i really wanted to do, so i quite like it.

BBC Top 200 Books

This is a list of books that were voted by BBC viewers and listeners of the top 200 books of all time. This is a good list and i have several i have already read, on my shelf and also on my wishlist.

1001 Books to Read

I know that this is no mean feat, its a huge list of many great books that will take me a long time to get through. But i do like a challenge. I’m sure this is the 2006 list and I’m hoping to get through a few more next year.

1001 Childrens Books To Read

This challenge goes hand in hand with the challenge before, but its the childrens version. Now, this challenge is probably slightly easier to get through as a lot of the books are shorter and slightly more well know, to me anyway!

Ultimate Teen Book Guide Challenge

This is a challenge that is all about books for teenagers, a genre that i am getting more and more into as time goes on! This challenge holds over 700 books and again, its not going to be asy, but it will be fun!

501 Must Read Books

Well, this challenge is different to the others in a way because the books are sorted by genre. Childrens, Classics, History, Memoirs, Modern Fiction, Science Fiction, Thrillers and Travel Writing.

World Book Night 2012 Reading Challenge

This is a reading challenge to read all the books on the list for World Book Night 2012. Whats great about this challenge is most of the books on the list i have either read, have on my shelf, or actually want to read.

The New Classics Challenge

This is the list of the best books published between 1983-2008. I like reading modern books, but never know where to start so this reading challenge helps me with that.


Now, i am a reading challenge-a-holic. i cant help myself! Now while this might put a lot of people off, this just encourages me! These are my challenges so far, i will be adding to these over the next few weeks đŸ™‚

One Response to “2012 Reading challenges – A Start”

  1. dieta November 25, 2011 at 12:42 am #

    Since I’m not sure how many books I’ve read this year I will make my own challenge to read 150 books for this challenge. I don’t have a list, I’ll be adding them as I go. I will add them here as I finish them.

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