Tis the Season to be . . . Unprepared!!!!

9 Dec

Well, the season is well and truly upon us. The season of Christmas of course, and at the minute i am so unprepared i have literally done nothing this year.

  • I have written no cards, or indeed even brought any.
  • I have no idea what I’m going to buy anybody, i have so many people to buy things for and no idea how im going to do it.

Now to start with, i get on very well with boyfriends family, i practically almost live there at weekends. But, I dont know what to get them. I dont know what to get his sister, son to be step dad, or step brother. I feel like i need to get them something, but what i dont know. I dont have a lot of money either so its going to be tricky.

Then my lovely, but disfunctional family. I have it all, parents, brother, grandparents, Step-mother, step brothers, step grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins. So many to get!

And then the work christmas party. i dont want to go, i just want to have a few days off and not have to go.

so, hopefully i can get some shopping done online yonight, fingers crossed!


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