Just Married – Zoe Barnes

14 Dec

Synopsis – Emma (ne Cox) and Joe Sheridan have just got married. Emma has been in love with Joe since school – marrying him was the happiest day of her life. But now the honeymoon is over and Emma’s having to cope with the reality of married life. She’s living in a new town, has a new job and a new husband who hasn’t quite left his bachelor days behind him. Then there’s Emma’s interfering mother-in-law who’s expecting the patter of tiny feet before Joe’s even carried her over the threshold! Still, at least she and Joe are together at last. But Joe and Emma have never lived with each other before – and apart from the odd holiday – have never spent more than two weeks in each other’s company. Setting up home together for the first time might be romantic, but nobody told them that living happily ever after takes a lot of hard work…

My Thoughts – well what a refreshing read! This book is all about a couples first year of marriage, all the bad things included too. Along with the normal ammount of couple parts, there is an awful lot of bad bits too. The arguements and everything that happens because of it. I found this a really good change to all the books that are out there, that you get married, book ends, and you live happily ever after. Although the ending was a little happily ever after, it was more a message of, if you want to be happy you need to work at it.

I liked that it was told from both perspectives, and that it also had the veiws of some of the secondery characters too, it was good to have a bit of a shake up with it all.

Overall a good book, not one i would read again, but enjoyable none the less!

Rating – 3.5/5

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