All I Want For Christmas is . . . . A Kindle

20 Dec

Yes, you heard right, the girl who always said that Kindles were rubbish and pointless, wants a Kindle! I’m not altogether sure what has brought about this U-turn but I am really wanting one now.

I think it may have something to do with me running out of room for any new books. I simply cannot get rid of the books that I read once I have read them, and now I am really running out of space.

The idea of all the free books available to aswell is just brilliant. I know that some of the newer books are more expensive but it kind of balances itself out a bit.

I had a bit of a play on one in a shop too at the weekend and really liked it. It isn’t back-lit and found it very easy to use. I may have left it a bit late this year but i have been dropping abnormally large hints that I want one to my lovely boyfriend, so I’m secretly hoping that I get one.

I dont think it will totally replace my pape books, but its something to read along side them.

I will just have to wait and see!


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