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Things I Want My Daughters To Know – Elizabeth Noble

31 Jan


Started – 24/1/12

Finished – 27/1/12

Format – Paperback


Synopsis – ‘My beautiful girls. If you’ve read this, you’ll know it contains some – not all, but some – of the things I want my daughters to know. And the greatest of these is love …’How would you say goodbye to those you love most in the world?Barbara must say a final farewell to her four daughters. But how can she find the words? And how can she leave them when they each have so much growing up to do? There’s commitment-phobic Lisa. Brittle, unhappily married Jennifer. Free-spirited traveller Amanda. And teenage Hannah, stumbling her way towards adulthood.Barbara’s answer is to write each daughter a letter, finally expressing the hopes, fears, dreams and secrets she couldn’t always voice. These words will touch the girls in different – sometimes shocking – ways, unlocking emotions and passions to set them on their own journey of discovery through life.


My Thoughts – Wow, this book is such a tear jearker. I was in tears reading it within about 5 or 10 pages. It tells the story of a family who is devistated by cancer, and how it affects all the members of a family. The mother, who was dying of cancer wrote the four different daughters letters and this is told throughout the book.


These letters made me cry a lot. It made me realise that life is so precious, and also so short. You never know what be waiting round the corner for you, so live your life to the max.


The story was very easy to read and get into. I think this should go on my list of definitate books that you should read.


I cant actually say much more about this book, but it is very good.


Rating – 4/5



Its Monday! What Are You Reading? (30th Jan)

30 Jan

Its Monday! What are you Reading? is a weekly meme held over on Book Journey. It’s where book lovers gather together and discuss their week in reading. I’ve had a very busy week and my reading has suffered a lot.

Books Read

I finished one book this week Things I Want My Daughters to Know by Elizabeth Noble. This book is very good, but so so so so sad. I was crying most of the way through it. It tells the story of a family whose lives are ruined by cancer. In it a mother leaves letters for her four very different daughters. A very good book.

Reading Now

In book form I’m currently reading The Love Trainer by Julia Llewellyn. I can’t really say a lot about this book because I’m literally a page into it.

In kindle form I’m still reading the same book as last week, The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper. Its good, taking me a while to get into it though.

Reading Next

Next up off the huge TBR pile is Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard. I won this in a competition in 2010 and its a personalised copy, so I’ve been looking forward to this book for a while.

Books Brought

None this week, just a few more Kindle freebies.


Booking Through Thursday – Writing or Riveting?

26 Jan

What’s more important: Good writing? Or a good story?

(Of course, a book should have BOTH, but…)

I think that although both are important to a good story, i would say the writing is more important. I don’t think i can actually read a book where the writing is bad, for example if the writing is to complicated or if it uses 4 sentences where one would have done.

A good story is important too because if it doesn’t keep me interested I’m not going to want to pick up the book.

One point i will make is i download a lot of Kindle freebies and the writing on some of them is awful, spelling mistakes and bad grammar. If a book is like this, i wont read it and delete it off my kindle.

Caught in the Act – Gemma Fox

25 Jan

Started – 14/1/12

Finished – 24/1/12

Format – Paperback


Synopsis –

Who could resist the chance to go to their old school reunion? To find out who got on? Who got fat? Who got famous and who got off with who?

Carol French is lured by the promise of a get-together through, and it’s better than just old school friends – it’s the old sixth-form drama group that twenty years ago took ‘Macbeth’ on tour. A tour that was dramatic in more ways than one, and Carol has carried a torch for the leading actor ever since. Not that it has stopped her marrying, having kids, divorcing – but that memory just won’t go away. Now she is about to be brought face to face with the adolescent love god himself, except now he’s nearly forty…


My Thoughts – This book is about a high school reunion. Now firstly, i would hate to go back to school or have a reunion, because i hated school, or more specifically some of the people that i went to school with, they made my life hell and its not something that i would ever want to do again through choice,


Anyway, this book, is about a group of friends that get together again after several years, who all happen to be in a drama group. The book had a kind of sub plot, the putting together of the play Macbeth. As i am quite familuar with this play it did make this part a bit enjoyable.


However, the rest of the book was a little bit disapointing for me. I’m not sure if it was just me or not, but i just couldnt connect with the book and i found the plot slightly unbelievable. It was an alright, lighthearted read, but not something that will stay with me really.


Rating – 3/5

WWW Wednesdays (25th Jan)

25 Jan

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly bookish meme held over on Should Be Reading. To play along just answer the following questions.

What are you currently reading?

In book form I am currently reading Things I Want My Daughters To Know by Elizabeth Noble. I am enjoying this book, but it is very sad. I think it will be a good read though.

In Kindle form i am reading The Golden Acorn by Catherine Cooper. This is a childrens book, but i downloaded this in the 12 days of kindle sale and its ok so far.

What did you recently finish reading?

I finished reading two books in the last week. The first was Caught in the Act by Gemma Fox. This was ok, quite enjoyable but nothing special. I was a little disapointed by it.

The second book i finished was Rosies War by Rosemary Say. This book was fabulous, its a book about an Englishwomans journey in occupied France during the second world war. This was so good and a real eye opener.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Next off the TBR pile will be The Love Trainer by Julia Llewellyn.

Rosie’s War – Rosemary Say

24 Jan

Started – 18/1/2012

Finished – 22/1/2012

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – This is the extraordinary true story of a plucky young woman and her dramatic escape from a German-run internment camp in Occupied France. Written in Rosemary’s own words and completed by her daughter and son-in-law after her death, it includes photographs and documents from Rosie’s incredible journey. Rosie’s story moves from artistic circles in Avignon, through occupied Paris and the privations of prison camp, and across war-ravaged Europe. A tale of remarkable courage: not only of Rosie herself, but also of the many people who helped and harboured her at huge personal risk. Rosie’s story sheds light on the little-known story of the thousands of British women trapped in Occupied France. Moving, enthralling, and inspirational, ‘Rosie’s War’ is a book for all to enjoy.


My Thoughts– i brought this book as part of the 12 days of kindle sale as i thought that this would be the kind of book that i would enjoy. I was right, this book is fabulous. it tells the true story of Rosie, or Pat, and her journey through occupied France and escape back to England during the second world war. She is kept in a prison camp, her escape, her journey undercover through France and her treatment and life during this time.


This book was so good and at times i was struck with how it was a real life story and this actually happened. During this time she was only a year older with me and what struck me was her courage during her journey, I’m sure many people these days, me included, would have struggled and crumbled at the very first hurdle. It certainly made me realise, that yes i have bad days, but my life is not rubbish, i might have rubbish days but my life is certainly a lot easier than others.


What i also liked was the pictures and letters that were included, it gave such a sense of how real it was, and what it was like for others involved, like her family back in England. I liked how it went through all parts of the story, even the parts that werent nice, like the conditions of the prison camp.


This book is very good, a memoir of life in occupied France. If this is your cup of tea, give it a go, i promise you wont be disapointed.


Rating – 5/5

Kindle Freebie Addiction

24 Jan

‘Hello, my name is Laura, and I’m addicted to downloading free books for my kindle!’

I have developed a huge addiction to the free side of the kindle. I think in a month i have downloaded about 40 free books, and my addiction is getting worse.

This year was meant to help me shorten my TBR pile, but at the minute all it is doing is growing.

Although, on the other hand, its free, not taking up any space and will keep me entertained. So maybe its not such a bad thing. Anyone with me?