The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl – Belle De Jour

6 Jan

Started – 28/12/11

Finished – 4/1/12

Format – Paperback


Synopsis – ”She lists like Hornby. She talks dirty like Amis. She has the misanthropy of Larkin and examines the finer points of sexual technique as she is adjusting the torque on a beloved but temperamental old E-type…It’s hard to believe that this clever and candid new voice has no more to say. Whoever the author is, she should give up the day job. Only then will we find out what the real Belle de Jour is made of.’ Independent This follow-up to the hugely successful ‘Intimate Adventures’ will be just as bold, funny and brilliant. Peppered with agony-aunt letters and advice, and stories from her ‘working’ life, it’s also the story of a young woman making her way in the world – told in Belle’s inimitable voice.


My Thoughts – I read the first book in the series a couple of years ago and have only just got around to the second in the series. I first came across this series when Billir Piper starred as Belle in the TV serial of the same name. As a teenage girl, i found the TV series very fascinating, and quite an eye opener. I then discovered that it was a book and went out and brought it, I read it and it was fabulous. This book is exactly the same.


The best way i can discribe this book is an ex-rated Bridget Jones. It should come with a warning, so not leave this book laying around, parts of it are seriously rude, and quite shocking too. But in quite a good way. It is such an honest book too, parts of it read exactly like real life, but many people would probably not voice such a x-rated subject matter so easily.


I liked how it read as a diary, and this broke the book up a little bit, it made quite a nice change to just straight literature. I also liked the ask belle section at the end of every month, some of these points made me laugh out loud.


This is a very good book, but i wouldnt recommend reading it if you are easily shocked, or of a sensative nature. However if you like a giggle, and are quite open to the more adult genre, then give this a read, you wont regret it.


Rating – 4/5

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