Caught in the Act – Gemma Fox

25 Jan

Started – 14/1/12

Finished – 24/1/12

Format – Paperback


Synopsis –

Who could resist the chance to go to their old school reunion? To find out who got on? Who got fat? Who got famous and who got off with who?

Carol French is lured by the promise of a get-together through, and it’s better than just old school friends – it’s the old sixth-form drama group that twenty years ago took ‘Macbeth’ on tour. A tour that was dramatic in more ways than one, and Carol has carried a torch for the leading actor ever since. Not that it has stopped her marrying, having kids, divorcing – but that memory just won’t go away. Now she is about to be brought face to face with the adolescent love god himself, except now he’s nearly forty…


My Thoughts – This book is about a high school reunion. Now firstly, i would hate to go back to school or have a reunion, because i hated school, or more specifically some of the people that i went to school with, they made my life hell and its not something that i would ever want to do again through choice,


Anyway, this book, is about a group of friends that get together again after several years, who all happen to be in a drama group. The book had a kind of sub plot, the putting together of the play Macbeth. As i am quite familuar with this play it did make this part a bit enjoyable.


However, the rest of the book was a little bit disapointing for me. I’m not sure if it was just me or not, but i just couldnt connect with the book and i found the plot slightly unbelievable. It was an alright, lighthearted read, but not something that will stay with me really.


Rating – 3/5


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