January 2012 Book Round Up

7 Feb

Well, i see, to make a habit of being late with these posts these days!

I have a goal of 75 books this year, but I’m not so botherd about reaching it this year, if i do i do, if i dont i dont!

Books Read

I read 7 books this month. not bad really 🙂

1) The Girl Who Couldnt Say No: A Memoir of a Teenage Mom – Tracy Engelbrecht (e-book, Kindle freebie, 2011 book) I read this book in a day and really enjoyed it.

2)The Further Adventures of a London Call Girl – Belle De Jour (paperback, 2010 book) This was a book i had looked foward to and really enjoyed it, a bit of  a rude book though 🙂

3) It’s A Kind Of Magic – Carole Matthews (paperback, 2010 book) This was good, not one i would read again though.

4)The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (e-book, Kindle freebie, (2011 book) I loved this book, i just cant wait to read more 🙂

5)Rosie’s War – Rosemary Say (e-book, 2011 book) This was good, one that everyone should read.

6)Caught in the Act – Gemma Fox (paperback, 201o book) i was quite disapointed with this book in the end/

7)Things I Want My Daughters to Know – Elizabeth Noble (paperback, 2010 book) This book i loved, another one that everyone should read.

Books carried over

The Love Trainer – Julia Lewellyn in paperback form

The Golden Acorn – Catherine Cooper kindle e-book

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban, upstairs book.

Book Challenges

1001 Books you must read  – I read one book this month, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



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