Frozen In Time – Ali Sparkes

8 Feb

Started – 4/2/2012

Finished – 5/2/2012

Format – Kindle E-Book

Synopsis – 1956 Freddy and Polly have always known their father is a genius. So they’ve never minded helping him with his experiments. Even when that means being put into cryonic suspension-having their hearts frozen until their father wakes them up again. They know it will only be for an hour or two, so there’s nothing to worry about… 2009 Ben and Rachel have resigned themselves to a long, boring summer. Then they find the hidden underground vault in the garden-and inside it two frozen figures, a boy and a girl. And as if that isn’t spooky enough, when Rachel accidentally presses a button, something unbelievable happens… Can Polly and Freddy adapt to the twenty-first century? Will their bodies survive having been in suspension for so long? And most important of all, what happened to their father-and why did he leave them frozen in time?

My Thoughts – I brought this book as part of the 12 days of Kindle sale over Christmas because i thought it might be something that would appeal to me. I was right. This book is about two children who discover an underground room in there garden where they find two children (and a dog!) frozen in time. now to the good part, they have been there for over 50 years.


I found the parts where is discussed 1950’s lifestyle, i thought that these parts really fascinating espcecially when you consider how much the world has changed in just 50 years. With things like the introduction of the internet and mobile technology, it must be a confusing world that we live in compared to just 50 years ago. I thought the author delt with these issues really well and solved them in depth, instead of glossing over them, which could have happened.


I also liked the intergration of the children into school, things have changed a lot even with schooling over the last 50 years and i thought that this was delt with well too.


The mystery about the father and why they were there was good too, and it got even more fast paced towards the end. It did keep me guessing, even as an older reader than prehaps the book was intended for. I really liked the ending too, i didnt expect that to happen!


The only thing i didnt like was the explanation of how the children’s parents were absent for months at a time, i did think that this part was slightly unbelievable, but that was the only part that i didnt like of the book.


I read this book over the course of 24 hours. It was an easy read, one that i would recomend to anyone, younger or older readers alike.


Rating – 4/5

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