My Kindle – 6 Weeks On

10 Feb

I’ve had my Kindle for just over six weeks now and its safe to say that its one of the best presents I have ever received, the kindle was a christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend.

I love the freedom of having so many different books at my fingertips. If my current read isn’t keeping me entertained, I can then pick another off the list. I like how I can carry so many books around with me in one little gadget.

I havent downloaded many books that cost money yet, I’m sticking to the huge amount of freebies there are. I prefer to buy a book in paper form, mainly because they are cheaper in that way.

I don’t really use the kindle store on my kindle, i use my laptop or my phone, just because it’s a bit easier for me to navigate in this way, maybe I am defeating the object a little bit, but never mind.

I don’t really use collections either, I have just one that contains unfinished book series that i want to continue. Again, maybe I’m missing out on this too, but i like having all my books unorganised.

Now I read both e books and paper books. This will never change for me, I like the freedom and choice of both. So, that’s just me, I have a kindle but I like paper books too.



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