The Love Trainer – Julia Llewellyn

14 Feb

Started – 27/1/12

Finished – 10/2/12

Format – Paperback


Synopsis – Katie Wallace had her heart broken once – never again. So she decides to becomes a Love Trainer, a unique service provider who can answer the following questions:


1 Should I call him even though he hasn’t called me?

2 When he turns up in the middle of the night drunk and wanting a shag, should I say yes?

3 Why is it so hard when I’m not even sure he’s the man I want to marry?


Is Katie right? Can you train men to be better boyfriends? Or is she playing the game of love with the wrong set of rules – a game which can only lead to her and those she helps getting hurt …?


My Thoughts – Well, by pure coincidence I am posting my thoughts about a book called ‘The Love Trainer’ on valentines day. This is not on purpose i assure you! Well, i have to say unfortunatly i didnt like this book too much. Basically, as the cover says ‘Men are like puppies, they need training’ Now while i agree that men are sometimes confusing creatures, i dont think they need to be trained. I just think you should be with a person because of who they are, not who you think they should be.


Anyway, back to the book. Katie becomes a love trainer and and guides a woman called Rebecca and her friends in the ways of love. I couldnt connect at all with Rebecca and her friends, i found them very spoilt and not really in tune with the rest of the population. I liked Katie but the love trainer part i found really hard to grasp.


I know that this is a chick lit book, and its meant as a light hearted read, but i just couldnt grasp the message of this book, and ended up skim reading the last 50 or so pages.


Rating – 2/5


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