I Want It Now! – Julie Dawn Cole

6 Mar

(a memoir on the set of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

Started – 25/2/12

Finished – 3/3/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – In 1970, Julie Dawn Cole was cast as the unforgettable Veruca Salt in the classic motion picture Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Gene Wilder. Since its release in 1971, this epic musical has endured as a favorite of children from around the world with a fan base that encompasses generations of movie goers. With its unforgettable characters, chocolaty landscapes and everlasting music, this charming fairy-tale mixes these ingredients into what has been become a cinematic classic from literary legend Roald Dahl.

Julie Dawn Cole has written an enchanting and richly illustrated memoir that offers a rare look behind the stage curtain to this ageless film. Splendidly illustrated with personal letters, never-seen-before photographs and documents; her mesmerizing story chronicles the entire production experience and tells of the remarkable journey of how she became known worldwide as a really bad egg. Filled with countless funny and touching memories, her story takes readers behind-the-scenes of Willy Wonka and the resulting coming of age journey that brought the cast together again after nearly a quarter century. I Want it Now takes readers beyond the world of pure imagination and behind the scenes to this universally cherished motion picture. A true-to-life Charlie Bucket tale, Julie’s story is unforgettable…



My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as it was on offer as a kindle freebie for a day and it seemed like a good book to give a go. I am really interested in this sort of ‘on the set’ and ‘behind the scenes’ type of book so this for me was brilliant. I am quite familar with this film having watched it a lot when i was younger. This book is set on the orginal film, not the film starring Johnny Depp.


This book was fantastic. It told the story of Julie Dawn Coles life, before, during and after the movie that she first made her name in. It told the story of what it was like for her growing up in a single parent household, what it was like going to drama school and how she got the part.


Then it went on to describe what it was like on the set. How it was making friends with the other ‘wonka kids’ what life was like when they werent filming and all other things inbetween. I personally was shocked as to how little they got paid per week, the child actors that is. I’m sure it was only about £50 or so a week, which even by todays standard is not a lot of money. Also, how she had to leave her family behind and have to live in a different country for 12 weeks.


Then it went on to share what the actress went on to do after the movie ended. She has had a huge career, on stage and screen, and also a lot of voice overs too. I didnt think that i was familar with her before i read the book, but having read it I’m sure that Ive seen a couple of things with her in.


There was only one downside to this book. There were a lot of beautiful photos, but having read it on Kindle the pictures were black and white and sometimes unfortunatly not too clear. I’m going to try and look out for a paper copy, just to see if the pictures are in colour.


This book was a beautiful memoir, and although it was no longer free its definitaly one that i would spend money on. Recommended for fans of the movie and all others too.


Rating – 4/5


2 Responses to “I Want It Now! – Julie Dawn Cole”

  1. TBM March 6, 2012 at 12:52 pm #

    Sounds interesting. I loved that film

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