Sold In Savannah – Tarrin P. Lupo (Pirates of the Savannah #1)

7 Mar

Started – 3/3/12

Finished – 4/3/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – This is the first book in the “Pirates of Savannah” trilogy .Follow a group of English prisoners as they are sold at auction to the highest bidder. The odd collection of fellows battle inhumane living conditions, sail the salty seas, and fight deadly pirates to try their hand at a new life in General Oglethorpe’s colony of Savannah, GA. Can they escape the stigma of their past and survive in this New World?

This historical fiction trilogy is a fun adventure in a Pre-Revolutionary War setting. It follows fictional characters through an actual timeline and is packed full of real people, places and events. This novel is appropriate for young adult and beyond.


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as the whole trilogy was free on amazon for a little while. While its not my usual genre, i was craving something different and wanted to try something new. I was right. This book is most definitaly different.


Now to start with it does have a graphic warning that the first chapter is quite gruesome. Now, while i understand that this is what times were like, i felt that as this book was being marketed as young adult, this was just a bit too graphic for my liking.


The story was good. It centres on Patrick who is imprisioned in England. In order for him to start a new life he is shipped across the world as a prisoner to start a new life in America. There are various trials and issues surrounding the crossing but i wont go into them and spoil them for anyone else.


This book was alright, some parts of the book i didnt like, for example i did think a few parts dragged on a bit (i have read more of the series now and i enjoyed the second book a lot more)


Rating – 3/5


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