The Rise of April – Tarrin P Lupo (Pirates of the Savannah #3)

22 Mar

Started – 5/3/12

Finished – 20/3/12

Format – Kindle E-book


Synopsis – The Rise of April is the third book in the Pirates of Savannah: Trilogy. Follow our heroine and her crew on daring pirate ship raids, smuggling runs, and deadly sea battles. Join the group of adventurers as they engage in swashbuckling sword fights and take to the high seas to break free from the clutches of the redcoats and the rule of the British Crown.

This historical fiction trilogy is a fun adventure in a Pre-Revolutionary War setting. It follows fictional characters through an actual timeline and is packed full of real people, places and events. This novel is appropriate for young adult and beyond.


My Thoughts – I have read this trilogy back to back on my kindle and i have to say this is my least favourite book out of them all. I still enjoyed it, but for some reason this book just didnt hold my attention as well as the other two.


This book still focuses on Patrick and his life in Savannah, however now he is a free man and can do as he pleases. He still has many adventures and people seem to come out of the woodwork when you least expect it. This book is all about April, as the title suggests, and unfortunately i just didnt like her as a character. I just wasnt sure that her attitude was all the nice and i just couldnt warm to her. Along with the surprise of Tracy, i just didnt think that this added much to the story.


I also thought that this book was very rushed through as the others had been a lot slower paced and the build up was better in those. I didnt think the ending was the ending and thought that this could have been eeked out a little more.


However, i did like the fact that there was a whole section about what was true and what was not at the back of the book. i found this fascinating and i really thought that this added to the book and i was able to learn a lot about that time period through this book.


Now I’m not saying this book was not enjoyable, it was, but maybe i am a bit too old for the book and it would have been better aimed at a different reader, for example a teenage boy. This contained lots of gore that i think would appeal.


Rating – 3.5/5


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