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The Tenth Circle – Jodi Picoult

27 Apr

Started – 17/4/12

Finished – 26/4/12

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis – When Daniel Stone was a child, he was the only white boy in a native Eskimo village where his mother taught, and he was teased mercilessly because he was different. He fought back, the baddest of the bad kids: stealing, drinking, robbing and cheating his way out of the Alaskan bush – where he honed his artistic talent, fell in love with a girl and got her pregnant. To become part of a family, he reinvented himself – jettisoning all that anger to become a docile, devoted husband and father. Fifteen years later, when we meet Daniel again, he is a comic book artist. His wife teaches Dante’s Inferno at a local college; his daughter, Trixie, is the light of his life – and a girl who only knows her father as the even-tempered, mild-mannered man he has been her whole life. Until, that is, she is date raped… and Daniel finds himself struggling, again, with a powerlessness and a rage that may not just swallow him whole, but destroy his family and his future.


My Thoughts – I absolutly adore Jodi Picoults books, for me they never fail to disappoint and always hook me in. The Tenth Circle was no different.


This book tells the story of Trixie a typical teenage girl in America and her parents Daniel and Laura. Throw in the fact that Trixie and her boyfriend have just split up and its almost a perfect opening to a story.


Trixie sneaks out to a party at her best friends house and its here that one single event changes the life of all the characters in the story. I dont really want to say what that event is as i dont want to spoil the plot of the book.


I love how the story is told from different perspectives and at times i had trouble trying to figure out who was telling the truth and who was lying. Alot off things in the book were truthfully acurate like the legal parts and the hospital parts. Although these parts made quite difficult reading, it really made me want to read more.


I liked the comic book aspect to the book, this made a change to the normal books of just prose and it broke the story up but in a good way. I liked how it weaved really companies into the story like Marvel and DC Comics.


I also liked all of the twists and turns i ended up re-reading certain parts of it in shock, i couldnt believe that parts of it had happened.


I loved this book a lot. I’m finding it really difficult to write my thoughts on this as its such a brilliant book, i just think if you havent read it then do.

Rating – 5/5

Beautiful Blogger Award

27 Apr

I’m absolutly thrilled to be given my second ever blog award 🙂 I dont very often get them, and i think this brilliant that people read my random thoughts and enjoy them too.

I got this award from cricketmuse at and i love your blog lots to read about 🙂

So I’m going to nominate a couple of people, going to limit it to a couple because otherwise i will just end up listing all of the blogs i follow.

1 –

2 –

So there we go, thanks for the award 🙂

Booking Through Thursday – Changes

26 Apr

A while ago, I interviewed my readers for a change, and my final question was, “What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask?” I got some great responses and will be picking out some of the questions from time to time to ask the rest of you. Like now.

Two people asked a similar question:

Charlie Quillen asks:

Has a book ever inspired you to change anything in your life, fiction or non-fiction alike?

Lindsay asks:

There have been books I loved, books that I fell in love with, and books that changed my life, and they’re not always the same nor mutually exclusive.

I have read many a book that has inspired me to do things. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. This book inspired me by making me realise you shouldnt judge people by their appearance and you should never judge people by what others tell you.

The main message i get from books is how very lucky i am. The two books i have in mind are on a similar theme. The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. Now while these books are on ‘different sides’ of the war, they both made me realise how very lucky i am. I do have problems, but nowhere near as much as people living during the second world war.

Joanna’s Day (Joanna In Time) – Toni and Stephen Downs

25 Apr

Started – 8/4/12

Finished – 22/4/12

Format – Kindle E-book

Synopsis – When Joanna Murray’s parents split up, her English mother takes her back home to England, where she is placed in St. Agatha’s Academy, a private school where only “the best children go.” But Joanna is no mood to try and get along with her schoolmates, who she regards as weird and snobbish. This is especially true of a group of giggling girls and their leader, Dennis Dinwiddy, a spotty, rat faced boy who takes a dislike to Joanna on sight. It is when Joanna is auditioning for the school play – a musical version on A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – that Dennis “Dimwit” gets his chance for ultimate revenge by opening a trapdoor in the stage, sending Joanna plummeting into the abyss. When she lands, Joanna finds herself in the 6th Century, during the time of Camelot and King Arthur. Will history be rewritten? And if so, how will it affect the future?


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as it was free on Amazon for a day and i thought that this might be the sort of book that i might enjoy.


This book is about an American girl called Joanna, whose parents spilt up. Her mother takes her away to England and away from her father. Its here that she is enrolled in St Agathas Academy, a typically british private school. Its at the school that a production is put on and during this Joanna falls through time and back into the times of Camelot. Here she meets famous figures like Lancelot and King Arthur. Joanna is the only hope to save Camelot and needs to do so before she can return home.


For me i was a bit indifferent about this Young Adult book. Some parts i liked and some other parts i didnt. I think in all honesty that i am too old for this book, which is something that doesnt really happen when i read the young adult genre.


I didnt like how quickly events were jumped through. For example, when Joanna starts at St Agathas there is a big jump and all of a sudden she is there. I dont think it was explained very well and there could have been more detail going into it. The first half of the book really didnt keep my attention very well, however this did pick up towards the end and i was interested to see how the story ended. I also didnt understand how nothing was said for a while about Joanna wanting to return how, if it was me i would have been more concerned as to how i was going to get home. When Joanna did eventually reach home again, i didnt like how it was all ‘happily ever after’ i just didnt think this part was realistic.


However i did like how historically accurate it was. It had the story of Lancelot and Guinevere and the ‘love’ story if you can call it that. For me it stayed pretty close to the original story. Some parts of the language were funny, but i think if i was younger i would have enjoyed it a lot more.


Now i would recommend this book to young adults, probably around the age of 10-14 ish, but unfortunatly i think i was too old for the book and the message was a bit lost on me, which is sad as the story is ok, but not for me.


Rating – 3/5

WWW Wednesdays (25th April)

25 Apr

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly bookish meme held over on Should Be Reading. To play along just answer the following questions.

What are you currently reading?

In book form I’m currently reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult. This is a book by one of my favourite authors and her books never fail to disappoint. This book is no exception. I am looking forward to picking it up again later.

On my kindle i’m currently reading A Flicker of Light by Roberta Kagan. This book is also good, its set in Nazi germany, so for me i am enjoying it.

What did you recently finish reading?

I finished one book in the last week, The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing. This was the choice for the April reading circle on the BCF. I really enjoyed this book, it was different from what i normally read but it was very good.



What do you think you’ll read next?

Next up is the choice for the May reading circle, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. This is a book that I’ve always wanted to read but have never got around too.

The Fifth Child – Doris Lessing

24 Apr

Started – 10/4/12

Finished – 17/4/12

Format – Paperback


Challenges – BCF April Reading Circle


Synopsis –  A classic tale from Doris Lessing, Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2007, of a family torn apart by the arrival of Ben, their feral fifth child.

‘Listening to the laughter, the sounds of children playing, Harriet and David would reach for each other’s hand, and smile, and breathe happiness.’

Four children, a beautiful old house, the love of relatives and friends, Harriet and David Lovatt’s life is a glorious hymn to domestic bliss and old-fashioned family values. But when their fifth child is born, a sickly and implacable shadow is cast over this tender idyll. Large and ugly, violent and uncontrollable, the infant Ben, ‘full of cold dislike’, tears at Harriet’s breast. Struggling to care for her new-born child, faced with a darkness and a strange defiance she has never known before, Harriet is deeply afraid of what, exactly, she has brought into the world…

My Thoughts – I read this book as part of the April reading circle on the BCF. I had a few reservations about this as it is classed as a horror book, and horror is not my genre. However, this book is not at all a horror book in my opinion.


This book starts with a couple, Harriet and David who meet at a party and fall in love. They get married and buy a huge house, more than they can afford. Davids family help them out and give them money, several times throughout the book. They get married and start having children. Between them they have ‘The Dream’, to have as many children as possible. Now i agree with this in a way, if a couple want to have a lot of children then its fine, as long as they can afford it. In this book the couple cannot. They have four children, everything is fine and then Harriet falls pregnant again. From the start they know something is different with the baby, she cannot cope through the pregnancy and just wants the baby out.


So Ben is born.


Once Ben is born the family start to unravel. They cannot cope with him and other people in the family start to suffer. Now i wasnt sure if there was something physically wrong with him, or wheather he had a condition. Whatever was wrong with Ben, it wasnt his fault, he never asked for anything like that.


I thought that everything surrounding baby Amy was very difficult to read. She was born with Downs Syndrome and she was hidden away in parts of the book so not to distress others. I thought this was so wrong, i just didnt understand how this could happen.


I didnt like Bens parents attitude towards him. His dad didnt want him and his mother was almost obsessive with him. I think they needed to find a happy medium with it all.


I did enjoy this book, it was one continous prose and once i had got into this style of writing i enjoyed it a lot. There is a sequel to this book and i will definitaly be picking this up. i will also be looking up more books by this author. This is a short book, but there is so much crammed into the pages, its great.


Rating – 4/5

Its Monday! What are you Reading? (23rd April)

23 Apr

Its Monday! What are you Reading? is a weekly bookish meme held over on Book Journey. I love taking part in this meme and its a great way to discuss your week in reading.

I have had a stupidly busy week, i’ve hardly been at home and ive been rushing about for days. i did manage to finish a couple of books, but i have got loads of posts and reviews to write!

Books Read

In book form i read The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing. This is the book for the reading circle on the BCF. This book was very different to others that i have read, but i enjoyed it all the same.

On my kindle I read Joanna’s Day by Stephen and Toni Downs. This is another freebie that  i downloaded. I didnt really enjoy this book. It did pick up towards the end, but i dont think it is the book for me.

Reading Now

In book form I’m currently reading The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult. I love the books by this author and i always get really into them! I have only read the first 30 or so pages so im not going to say much, but its started off interesting.

On my kindle I’m currently reading A Flicker of Light by Roberta Kagan. This book is set in Nazi Germany during the second world war. It tells the story of a young girl who gets pregnant and escapes a home for pregnant german girls. I’m about a third of the way through and while at the minute the story seems to be going along quite nicely, soon i think it might unravel!

Next up

Next up is the choice for next months reading circle, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. This is always a book that i think i must read, but i havent got around to it until now.

Books Brought

I brought one book this week, I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.