Joanna’s Day (Joanna In Time) – Toni and Stephen Downs

25 Apr

Started – 8/4/12

Finished – 22/4/12

Format – Kindle E-book

Synopsis – When Joanna Murray’s parents split up, her English mother takes her back home to England, where she is placed in St. Agatha’s Academy, a private school where only “the best children go.” But Joanna is no mood to try and get along with her schoolmates, who she regards as weird and snobbish. This is especially true of a group of giggling girls and their leader, Dennis Dinwiddy, a spotty, rat faced boy who takes a dislike to Joanna on sight. It is when Joanna is auditioning for the school play – a musical version on A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – that Dennis “Dimwit” gets his chance for ultimate revenge by opening a trapdoor in the stage, sending Joanna plummeting into the abyss. When she lands, Joanna finds herself in the 6th Century, during the time of Camelot and King Arthur. Will history be rewritten? And if so, how will it affect the future?


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as it was free on Amazon for a day and i thought that this might be the sort of book that i might enjoy.


This book is about an American girl called Joanna, whose parents spilt up. Her mother takes her away to England and away from her father. Its here that she is enrolled in St Agathas Academy, a typically british private school. Its at the school that a production is put on and during this Joanna falls through time and back into the times of Camelot. Here she meets famous figures like Lancelot and King Arthur. Joanna is the only hope to save Camelot and needs to do so before she can return home.


For me i was a bit indifferent about this Young Adult book. Some parts i liked and some other parts i didnt. I think in all honesty that i am too old for this book, which is something that doesnt really happen when i read the young adult genre.


I didnt like how quickly events were jumped through. For example, when Joanna starts at St Agathas there is a big jump and all of a sudden she is there. I dont think it was explained very well and there could have been more detail going into it. The first half of the book really didnt keep my attention very well, however this did pick up towards the end and i was interested to see how the story ended. I also didnt understand how nothing was said for a while about Joanna wanting to return how, if it was me i would have been more concerned as to how i was going to get home. When Joanna did eventually reach home again, i didnt like how it was all ‘happily ever after’ i just didnt think this part was realistic.


However i did like how historically accurate it was. It had the story of Lancelot and Guinevere and the ‘love’ story if you can call it that. For me it stayed pretty close to the original story. Some parts of the language were funny, but i think if i was younger i would have enjoyed it a lot more.


Now i would recommend this book to young adults, probably around the age of 10-14 ish, but unfortunatly i think i was too old for the book and the message was a bit lost on me, which is sad as the story is ok, but not for me.


Rating – 3/5

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