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Life Goings On

21 May

Now normally i take part in Its Monday What Are You Reading? on a Monday, but this week I can’t really because i havent read much. I have had such a busy week i’ve had hardly anytime for reading.

  • Monday i got in from work did a few things and went out in the evening
  • Tuesday i got in from work did a couple of things and went to sleep (more on that later!)
  • Wednesday i read a little before going out in the evening.
  • Thursday after work i visited family before going out.
  • Friday i finished work and went out in the evening.
  • Saturday i went out with the boyfriend to various peoples houses and went out for a meal in the evening.
  • Sunday i was out all day at a family event.

Well as you can see its been busy busy busy. I’m having to pick up boyfriend from work at eleven pm every night and then I’m having to get up at six every¬† morning so I’m going about 5 or so hours sleep a night which is really messing with me at the minute.

Thankfully i only have to work until Thursday and then i have got 12 days off, so i’m going to be relaxing a lot!