The Chocolate Lovers Club – Carole Matthews

17 Jul

Started – 3/7/12

Finished – 6/7/12

Format – Paperback Book

Synopsis – THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS’ CLUB brings together four very different women with one thing in common: they can’t resist chocolate.  This is an irresistible novel for anyone who wishes they were a member!

Lucy Lombard can’t resist it – rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate. For her there’s nothing it won’t cure – from heartache to a headache – and she’s not alone.  Sharing her passion are three other addicts: Autumn, Nadia and Chantal.  Together they form The Chocolate Lovers’ Club.  They meet in their sanctuary, Chocolate Heaven, as often as they can, and with a cheating boyfriend who promises he’ll change, a flirtatious boss, a gambling husband and a loveless marriage, there’s always plenty to discuss…

My Thoughts – I’ve had this book on my shelf for a couple of years and its only now that I’ve got around to reading it. This book is about Lucy, a temp stuck in a job that she doesnt really like, apart from her boss, crush, and has one major chocolate addiction. Along with her three chocolate loving friends Autumn, Nadia and Chantal they are The Chocolate Lovers Club.

All the girls have various life problems, Lucy has a boyfriend that just keeps on hurting her and she just cant let go of him, Autumn has a brother with lots of problems, mainly drugs, Nadia has a husband that is addicted to gambling and Chantal has a husband that just doesnt seem to love her anymore. These parts of the books were so funny and i would think that a lot of people could relate to these serious life issues.

I also liked how the different stories all kind of mingled into one and it keeped jumping between different characters to tell their part of the story. I liked this as it kept twisting and turning andit really kept my interest in the book.

Carole Matthews is one of my favourite authors ever, her books are always fun and flirty, but with a serious message behind them, which is exactly what this book is, fun flirty chick lit, perfect for a summer beach read.

I dont normally read chick lit sequels, but this has a follow up book and I’m definitaly going to get my hands on this book.

Rating – 4/5


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