The Dresskeeper – Mary Naylus

7 Aug

Started – 25/7/12

Finished – 31/7/12

Format – paperback book


Synopsis – This title is suitable for children of ages 12 years & over. When Picky’s Mum forces her to look after Gran, who has dementia, Picky is accidentally transported back to the year 1685, where a man in a wig insists she is someone called Amelia and tries to kill her. Managing to get the dress off just in time, Picky returns to the present with the dress covered in blood. Who is Amelia? Is she dead? Will wearing the other dresses in the chest take Picky back in time too? And does she dare put herself in danger again?


My Thoughts – I’ve had this book on my shelf for a long time and ive really been looking forward to reading it for a long time. This is a young adult book, suitable for the younger side of the scale too. Its about a girl called Picky, who is a typical teenage girl. She is bullied at school, something that lots of people can identify with, her father isnt really interested in her and she has to look after her Gran who has dementia too.

It is one weekend at her Grans that Picky puts on a dress and is transported back in time, into somebody elses life. Its here that she ends up in the middle of a mystery that she is determined to solve.

I enjoyed this book, it was refreshing to read a young adult book that didnt revolve around the paranormal. I liked how the book not only focused on the back in time part, but also Pickys life in the ‘future’ if you like. I felt that many younger readers could identify with her in this part, weather it be being part of a single parent household or being bullied at school.

I also enjoyed the back in time part. I felt that it was quite acurate and also interesting at the same time for those that might not have studied this particular time period. I liked how the mystery part unfolded, i did however guess what was going to happen, but i suppose thats what i get for being older than the target audience.

This book is very good, great for both young adult and older readers. I would have liked a follow up book as the ending was left open, but as of yet there is not one. A very enjoyable book to read.

Rating – 3.5/5


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