Mom You Just Broke Facebook – Jay Rivera

9 Oct

Started – 6/10/12

Finished – 8/10/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – From the funny to the downright bizarre, we have trawled the internet for the funniest quips, quotes, comments, status updates and putdowns… all for your pleasure. Volume 1 contains over 80 updates that will have you in stitches. Almost all spelling errors have been left in to shame the guilty (especially where that’s the joke). Enjoy!


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book because it was free for a day on the kindle and i thought that it could be a funny book to read.


I havent really got too much to say on this book as i really didnt enjoy it very much. This is a book full of facebook quotes that in certain circumstances could be funny. I think if it was actual screenshots of facebook quotes that it could have been funnier but i found it quite difficult to get into and to understand.


I did think that some of the quotes had been made up too as i didnt find it all too funny or realistic at all.


This book has a lot of two star reviews on goodreads and maybe i should have read these first.


Rating – 2/5

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