The Labyrinth of Osiris – Paul Sussman

16 Oct


Started – 8/10/12

Finished – 15/10/12

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis – Since they last met, life has moved on for Yusuf Khalifa of the Luxor Police and Jerusalem detective Arieh Ben-Roe. About to become a father for the first time, Ben-Roi finds himself investigating a gruesome murder in Jerusalem’s Armenian Cathedral. The victim, a journalist named Rivka Kleinberg, had been researching an article into the Israeli sex-trafficking industry. When a link emerges between Kleinberg and an English engineer who disappeared from Luxor in 1931, Ben-Roi turns for help to his old friend and sparring partner Khalifa.


Khalifa’s life too has changed, although in his case not for the better. Preoccupied with personal tragedy and immersed in an investigation of his own – a series of mysterious well-poisonings in Egypt’s Eastern desert – he agrees for old time’s sake to do some digging for his Israeli colleague. In the process Ben-Roi might just be giving Khalifa his lust for life back.


Inexorably the two investigations entwine, drawing Ben-Roi and Khalifa into a sinister web of violence, abuse, corporate malpractice and anti-capitalist terrorism. And at the heart of the web lies the Labyrinth – a three-thousand year-old ancient Egyptian mystery that has already taken Rivka Kleinberg’s life – and hers will not be the last…


My Thoughts – I was sent this book from the Transworld publishers as part of a reading challenge. Although i dont really read a lot of thrillers, this is a genre that i would ideally like to read more of.


This book is about Yusuf Khalifa a police detective based around Eygpt and also Arieh Ben-Roe based in the Jerusalem police force. These two have been friends for a long time and as fate would have it end up working on the same murder case again.


To start with i did find this book a little confusing. It has about 15 different points of view and to start with i was struggling remembering who was who and following the storyline. I couldnt really figure out how they all tied in with each other. However, after about 150 pages in i really started to get into the story and it all started to come together.


This book is very full of twists and turns, i did try and figure out as i was going along who the suspect for the murder was and i kept changing my mind. I just couldnt figure it out and when it was revealed at the end of the book i just couldnt believe it and it all slotted into place a bit more.


The only downside that i could really find was this was book three in a series. Although it worked quite well as a stand alone book i would have liked to have read them in order but thats just one of my stange habits.


This was a good thriller i really enjoyed reading it and i would recommend it!


Rating – 4/5


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