The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

4 Nov




Started – 27/10/12

Finished – 4/11/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – A heart-warming and inspirational tale in which Enzo, a loyal family dog, tells the story of his human family, how they nearly fell apart, and what he did to bring them back together.

Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: he thinks and feels in nearly human ways. He has educated himself by watching extensive television, and by listening very closely to the words of his master, Denny Swift, an up-and-coming race car driver. Through Denny, Enzo realizes that racing is a metaphor: that by applying the techniques a driver would apply on the race track, one can successfully navigate the ordeals and travails one encounters in life.

Enzo relates the story of his human family, sharing their tragedies and triumphs. In the end, despite what he sees as his own limitations as a dog, Enzo comes through heroically to preserve the Swift family.

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a testament to a man’s life, given by his dog. But it is also a testament to the dog, himself. Though Enzo cannot speak, he understands everything that happens around him as he bears witness to his master’s problems. His enforced muteness only refines his listening ability, and allows him to understand many of life’s nuances that are lost on most humans. With humour, sharp observation, and a courageous heart, Enzo guides the reader to the bittersweet yet ultimately satisfying conclusion: there are no limitations to what we can achieve, if we truly know where we want to be.

My Thoughts – I read this book as it was the choice for the November reading circle over on the BCF. I always enjoy animal books and i thought that this sort of book would be one that i would enjoy.

This book is about the loyal family dog, Enzo, who to start with lives with his master Denny. Then Denny falls in love and meets Eve. Although to start with Enzo feels a bit jelous of Eve and the relationship that she has with Denny, he soon comes to love her as part of the family. Denny and Eve have a child called Zoe and with this there family is complete. However, a horrible twist happens and Eve becomes very ill. All of this is told through the perspective of Enzo the dog.

I do always wonder if animals know what is going on around them and have human like thoughts. I’d love it if my dogs could talk as i think that they could come out with some very interesting stuff.

I really liked how the racing theme was weaved in and out of the book and how this took on a greater meaning throughout. Like when denny was struggling with life it was brought up that although a race cannot be won at the first corner it is able to be lost, so its up to a persons strength to get through it all.

I also liked how real life events were put into this book and were accuarate, like the cememtary scene where Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee was discussed. I did actually look this up on the internet to see if it was true and guess what it was! Also along with the racing theme Senna was mentioned about his horriffic crash and death that he suffered.

Now i loved Enzo. He really reminded me of my very old Labrodor Sammy that we have now and the parts about his legs and hips did upset me a little bit. my dog has got to the stage where he cannot stand for long now or go for walks. The ending of this book really did make me cry, I’m such a softie with the animal books and to be honest i dont like it when upsetting things happen to animals.

This book was very good i think a must read for animal lovers even if it is a bit sad in places.

Rating – 4/5


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