Trixie Trader – Helen Dunne

14 Nov

Started – 4/11/12

Finished – 13/11/12

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis – When City banker Trixie is told by her boss that she’s had one long lunch too many and that she has six weeks to hook a serious deal or she’s out on the street, she knows that it’s time to roll up those sleeves on her little Armani suit and get to work. Ruthless tactics are required, especially if she’s not to be sidetracked by her divine new colleague in sales, the adorably Irish Ciaran. Trixie rallies her troops, led by her friends Julie and Bloodhound, and a deal is sighted. Only trouble is,Trixie may have to compromise herself in unspeakable ways to get it. Locale: The City of London & chic, trendy Central London.


My Thoughts – I’ve had this book on my shelf since 2010 when i went through a massive chick lit phase. Nowadays im not too keen on this genre but i will still read it occasionally.


This book is about Trixie who works in the city as something to do with banking. She likes to spend her money more than work and she doesnt really put all that much effort into her work since splitting up with her ex, Sam, who also works in banking. Trixie is given an ultimatium, either bring some money into the bank or loose her job. Trixie then tries to bring money in and along the way encounters dinner parties, trips to new york, a new love interest and an old love interest.


I couldnt really warm to the character of Trixie, i found her very hard and the fact that she was only out to look out for number one and wasnt really bothered on who she hurt on the way as long as she was ok. I did also figure out who lily was and i felt that this was quite a mean thing to do.


This book is quite a short read, a little over 200 pages and would be ok for reading on a beach or something like that but i dont think it would be one that i would read again.


Rating – 3/5


2 Responses to “Trixie Trader – Helen Dunne”

  1. TBM November 15, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    She doesn’t sound like a character you can cheer for. Too bad.

    • shelovestoread November 17, 2012 at 11:17 am #

      its a shame because i was really looking forward to this!

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