The Vanishing Act – Mette Jakobsen

14 Dec

Started – 5/12/12

Finished 11/12/12

Format – Paperback book


SynopsisThis is a story about a snow-covered island you won’t find on any map.


It’s the story of a girl, Minou. A year ago, her mother walked out into the rain and never came back.


It’s about a magician and a priest and a dog called No Name. It’s about a father’s endless hunt for the truth.


It’s about a dead boy who listens, and Minou’s search for her mother’s voice.


It’s a story of how even the most isolated places have their own secrets.


It’s a story you will never forget.


My Thoughts – This book was picked for the December reading circle and although i hadnt heard of it before i ended up really enjoying it.


This book is about a girl called Minou who lives on a tiny little island in the middle of nowhere. Hardly anyone knows of the island and they never get visitors. Minou lives with her father, who is mourning the loss of his wife that walked out on him one day.


One morning the body of a boy washes up on the beach and this changes the whole perpective of everyone that lives on the island. There is also Magician and Priest that live on the island and a dog called No Name. Its a very lonely place the island and i can understand why Minou’s mother wanted to leave and why she wasnt happy with her life.


The book is written quite poetically and it really drew me in with the writing style. I really liked the chaacter of Minou probably because she was the only character in the book with a proper name. I read the majority of this book in one sitting as i wanted to know what was going to happen and what all the answers were going to be.


This book is an enjoyable read, highly recommended.


Rating – 4/5


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