Ground Truth – Patrick Bishop

28 Mar

Started – 16/3/13

Finished – 28/3/13

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis –  Afghanistan, 2008. After their eighteen-month epic tour of Helmand Province, the troops of 3 Para are back. This time, the weight of experience weighs heavily on their shoulders.

In April 2006 the elite 3 Para Battle Group was despatched to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on a tour that has become a legend. All that summer the Paras were subjected to relentless Taliban attacks in one of the most gruelling campaigns fought by British troops in modern times.


Two years later the Paras are back in the pounding heat of the Afghanistan front lines. The conflict has changed. The enemy has been forced to adopt new weaponry and tactics. But how much progress are we really making in the war against the insurgents? And is there an end in sight?


In this searing account of 3 Para’s return, bestselling author Patrick Bishop combines gripping, first-person accounts of front-line action with an unflinching look at the hard realities of our involvement in Afghanistan. Writing from a position of exclusive access alongside the Paras, he reveals the ‘ground truth’ of the mission our soldiers have been given. It’s a sombre picture. But shining out from it are stories of courage, comradeship and humour, as well as a gripping account of an
epic humanitarian operation through Taliban-infested country to deliver a vitally needed turbine to the Kajaki Dam.


My Thoughts – I have read a couple of this authors books before, Fighter Boys and 3 Para and really enjoyed them so when i saw this book i thought i would give it a go. This book follows on from 3 Para which i loved so i was hoping this book was as good.


It tells the story of 3 Para Battle Group who are deployed to Afghanistan during the war. Although most of the heavy fighting is over with they still have a duty to flush out the Taliban and protect the people of Afghanistan while fighting against the newest weapons against them, IEDs.


I thought the writing of this book was really good. Although the war in Afghanistan is sometimes in the news mostly when a young serviceman or woman is killed you dont tend to think about the fighting going on on a day to day basis. I have had friends who are in the RAF and Army go out there and they say of the horrors that are out there and it always upsets me to think of all the people that are loosing there lives out there. In this book people are unfortunatly killed and as this is a true account its sometimes hard to realise that these are real people and the young people that were killed were under the age of 25-30.


There are lots of technical aspects to this book like the weapons systems and the living conditions and to people that are interested in this sort of thing i think they would find it enjoyable.


I did enjoy this book and although it made me cry i think that it is a very good book that brings home the harsh reality of war.


Rating – 3.5/5


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